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Women in Healthcare: Finally Professional Support!

February 24: Stress Relief: PAUSE and Take a Breather for Life Change. This was a really fun episode, partly because Tanya Saunders is SO passionate about the work she is doing and the results she is seeing in her clients. She and her husband Ken are both Anesthetists, so breath is kind of their life’s work. Tanya discovered Pause Breathwork and made it part of her career to consult with clients and healthcare providers to learn a tool to NOT just relieve stress, but to use Pause Breathwork (Tanya’s Business name) to change the track of their lives. In the second portion of the episode Tanya walked me (and all listeners) through a simple round of breathing. In doing the exercise, I found myself out of breath. That was an eye opener. When I think of all the patients that I taught breath work to as a L & D nurse, I am ashamed to admit how little I use it in this part of my life. I have continued to use what Tanya taught me and am seeing some positives in the area of stress and feeling better in general.

March 2: Women in Healthcare: Finally Professional support! I have been SO excited about this episode since I booked it almost 2 months ago. My guests were Ashley Schmidt, President and founder of Women in Healthcare and Joyce Durham, is a Board member of one of the fastest growing professional development groups for women, in healthcare today. If you are a woman working anywhere in healthcare, you are deeply aware of the abysmal statistics on the extremely limited number of women in leadership positions. Take Nursing: 80% of nurses are women, but less than 18% are leaders. Through healthcare education, professional development, mentorship, community & a focus on self, the organization empowers women with tools needed to advance their careers. They break down barriers within organizations & equip women to open a powerful force for gender parity. We had a fast-paced discussion about how this organization organically began and is growing by leaps and bounds. Check it out for yourself by listening to the podcast (link below) then go to and become a member. You won’t be sorry! OH, did I mention, they are our latest Sponsor for OAN!

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