Parenting Under World and National Stress

July 13, 2020

We know that all parents are under tremendous stress during this time of COVID, racial, and political unrest. However, I believe, mothers and particularly working mothers are under the MOST stress, due to the added roles often assigned to women. My guest, Rachel Duffy, a parent of 3 young children, and a Certified Conscious Parenting & Leadership Coach, who works with parents and leaders of various fields, who have these added stressors in their lives. We discussed how to identify problems and shift perspective to one that opens us to making conscious decisions, not based on fear or frustration. How does a parent help young children and teens understand and cope with current world issues that impact them personally? What resources are available for parents, leaders, and healthcare workers in these situations?

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Healing: The Synchrony of Body-Brain-Mind-Spirit

July 20, 2020

The founder of Holistic Nursing is undoubtedly, Florence Nightingale, in the 19th Century, but a VERY strong debate began about 60 years ago regarding whether that style of Nursing should be spelled with an “H” or a “Wh.” It turns out that ONE letter makes a BIG difference. My guest is a Bona Fide “Living Legend” in the world of Holistic Nursing. If you have not heard of Dr. Helen C. Erickson, I would be shocked. If you are new to her nursing theory of Modeling and Role-Modeling, you will be amazed. It took me a LONG time after completing my Diploma in Nursing to decide to return for my BSN. Mystically it was just about that time when Metropolitan University, School of Nursing, decided to teach this theory and I had the FORTUNE to have my eyes opened to ALL of what Nurses and Nursing could REALLY be! It CHANGED my life and my practice of Nursing. This was way TOO little time to tap Dr. Erickson’s vast knowledge and wisdom. Still, we were able to discuss some pretty “sticky” topics.

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