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Hello, I'm Leanne Meier. I am so passionate about the advancing the profession of nursing and giving a voice to nurses from around the world. As a nurse with over 40 years of experience, I have worked in ICU, Hospice, Med/Surg, and Obstetrics. I have also worked as a leader in operations as well as education.

In 2017 I launched the radio show "Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse" on Voice America, which quickly became an international program with more than 120,000 listeners across 70 countries.

The year of 2020, the Covid pandemic hit hard and nurses around the world arose to provide a level of care beyond what anyone could have imagined. Given the challenges of the pandemic, I paused the radio show to focus my efforts on direct support for the nursing community. Since then, the world has witnessed nurses provide care at a degree many would have thought impossible. However, the personal sacrifice nurses have made to rise to the challenge is unseen my many, and they are now facing even greater challenges.

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to meet with incredible leaders who are working to improve and advance solutions to these challenges. I am relaunching the Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse show as a podcast, where I host leaders who speak to what must be done to protect, nurture, and advance the profession of nursing.

Please join me for the new Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse podcast. And I encourage you to contact me with thoughts and ideas for future episodes. are amazing!


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