Leanne led a team during the closure of two hospitals and managed information classes, assisted with placement of laid-off workers, and fought for fair and respectful treatment of employees while working closely with the State of Minnesota Services. Leanne has also served as a trainer for 15 years with Talent Development researching, designing, and training specialized programs. Leanne’s extensive experience includes 17 years of management experience, teaching staff how to deal with conflict resolution. She also consulted with and mediated conflicts between managers, employees, teams, and individuals. She graduated from St. Luke’s Nursing in Duluth in 1976 and completed her BSN at Metro State University in 1997. Leanne attended Hamline University in St. Paul for two years toward a Masters in Writing. She also completed a program with “The Coaches Training Institute” for Personal Coaching. She opened her own business to do classes for the community and taught an RN Refresher course for ten weeks, three times a year, for 5 years.

Leanne's goal is to be a hub of information and education for nurses today and in the future. Her weekly radio show Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse has a dedicated audience of over 100,000 listeners and over 70 countries. She is an engaging and sought-after public speaker dedicated to the advancement and well-being of Nursing!


Leanne Meier's life is committed to nursing having worked for forty years as an RN on a variety of hospital units including ICU, Hospice, Med/Surg, Obstetrics, and Education Department. She is proud to have worked with a team that opened the first Single-room Maternity Care in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also managed Labor & Delivery/Post Partum for five years. She was a Human Resources Recruiter coordinating the advertising for open positions of four hospital sites over five years.