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Would you like your brand and business to be experienced by thousands of nurses as they explore topics important to their lives and the practice of nursing? Would you like access to the more than 120,000 listeners to our radio show?


Then join Leanne Meier BDN, RN every Monday at 10 am Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel 



 Exploring the World of Nursing.


Allow Leanne to position your brand as a company that promotes and supports nurses as we create future healthcare paradigms that improve the health of families around the world. 


Create your ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE sponsorship package

today to attract and retain consumers tomorrow.


We look forward to working with you on a sponsorship package that is economical and effective for you and valuable to the thousands of nurses who listen to our show ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE each and every Monday. 


Email us today for more information on creating a unique partnership

for your company and ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE.

  We offer:

  • Audio-only pre-recorded advertisements provided by you

  • Audio-only live reads that Leanne reads during the show

  • Ads in ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE email newsletter

  • Product or service reviews

  • Banner ads on ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE website and blog

  • Social media acknowledgment on ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE social media

  • Contests and giveaways with prizes provided by you.

  • Specialized show segments that are "brought to the listener" by your company

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