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Nurses as Scientists and Innovators

June 29, 2020

Nurses are preparing for the massive undertaking of recreating healthcare for the benefit of patients, the industry and country. My guests are Healthcare innovators, immersing themselves in the needs of Now AND the Future. Shawna Butler, nurse economist, health tech specialist & builder of the global EntrepreNurse movement, currently in Texas; and Tim Raderstorf, the Chief Innovation Officer at The Ohio State University College of Nursing & Head of Academic Entrepreneurship at the Erdős Institute. We had a SURPRISE Call-in from Ernest Grant, President of ANA. What a Pleasure! We elucidated what exactly nurses are doing to create a revolution in healthcare! An amazingly well-kept secret in the USA and the World is that Nurses are multi-faceted and VERY educated people. Do the words Scientist and Innovator come quickly to mind? How about: Researcher, Nurse Practitioner, Economist, Educator, Legal Nurse Consultant, Nurse Advocate, Nurse Attorney, Informatics, Chief Nursing Officer, Psychiatric Nurse, Trauma Nurse AND so many MORE!!

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Nursing: A Voice to Expose Human Trafficking of Children

July 6, 2020

In a world caught up in multiple crises (Global warming, a rabid election process, COVID-19, Systemic Racism), who is there to notice that Human Trafficking is continuing at a breakneck speed? My guest, Dr. Jessica Peck, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years is not just paying attention, she is active in many different avenues to arrest this menace and keep it from continuing in society. She is an expert pediatric clinician and anti-trafficking advocate who provides innovative, visionary, & award-winning leadership to develop & lead inclusive & diverse interprofessional teams in multiple arenas to provide outcomes of high-quality health care. She is a recognized and published national expert about human trafficking. She worked with other national organizations to equip healthcare professionals to combat human trafficking of children and advocates for other vulnerable youth populations. This was an inspiring and deeply informative episode about how nurses can help stop trafficking of children, who are even MORE at risk during COVID-19.

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