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Guests I Love and Admire Return for New Shows

December 9: When the Patient is your Loved one. Miriam Chickering, with Nurses International, has been on OAN several times. She has become a dear friend and colleague. I recently learned of her harrowing experience over Thanksgiving when her father faced critical symptoms of a heart attack. He was not doing well and Miriam’s mother begged her to come. As with most of us, family comes with all kinds of baggage. Love is a strong tie, but can also bind in uncomfortable ways. This was the case with Miriam. On the show she is very forthright in sharing her angst, fear, hope, love and uncertainty in this situation. She also showed her deep nursing knowledge and incredible instincts. NOT to mention her uncanny ability to advocate for her patient, even when the “experts” disagree. I was moved by her candor and the seriousness of the situation, her humor where appropriate and her sincerity of sharing with all nurses her version of the experience that many healthcare providers endure when the Patient is a Loved One. I think you will also gain much from this episode.

December 16: Inside Legal Nurse Consulting. Pat Iyer, MSN, RN, LNCC, is an expert in the Field of Legal Nurse Consulting (LNC) and was on my show October 28, 2019 to talk about Entrepreneurship. I was greatly impressed with her and asked her to return to talk about LNC. She brought with her another impressive expert in the LNC, Barbara Levin, BSN, RN, ONC, CMSRN, LNCC, who is equally impressive. I am personally interested in the topic, since I seriously considered this option in my career, when working at the bedside was becoming no longer an option due to repeated injuries. These two could have talked for hours and not run out of material. They were able to give a VERY inside look at the field and the nurses, who do best in this work. All of my questions were answered. I feel reassured that this might not have been a good direction for me, but clearly and exciting and interesting option for many nurses, who may not have known about it. Please listen to the Podcast:

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