COVID-19 Treatment: What Do We Already Have?

March 23

In 2012, Dr. Robins and Dr. Rowen traveled to Sierra Leone, West Africa, during the Ebola crises to demonstrate an IV Ozone Therapy to administer to patients stricken with Ebola. They showed that this simple, inexpensive, effective treatment can make a difference with many infectious diseases, for which we currently have no vaccines or treatments. These doctors shared with the Once a Nurse audience what such a tool could do in treating the COVID-19 pandemic facing us today. Some form of Ozone Treatment has been around since 1854. Why have we not heard of this treatment before? Could it be that this is a treatment that cannot be patented and therefore cannot earn exorbitant amounts for Pharma organizations? Dr. Robins and Rowen have just published a paper called, A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus - Ozone Therapy, in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology. PLEASE listen:

COVID-19: Brave Healthcare Workers Cope Together

March 30

Originally this show was intended to be just Maggie Brown, Certified Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach & Reiki Master at Inner light Recovery and Heidi Orstad, Consultant discussing the impact of opportunity through adversity, the Power of Self-Compassion during stressful times and how connection & compassionate listening can support those in times of GREAT need. Based on the please of nurses from NYC, Texas and elsewhere to have their stories heard, we changed the show on a dime, with the help of Darlene Nelson, a Retired nurse working on behalf of Texan nurses to be supported and protected through this crisis and Maggie Ortiz, RN currently working, who called into the show and shared what is happening to nurses. The stories are wrenching. The first one started with, “Going to work, feels like committing suicide. We ended the show with Maggie Brown and Heidi Orstad talking about the healing that comes from creating Compassionate Listening Circles and Nursing Salons. PLEASE check out this stunning Episode:

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