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COVID-19 Epidemiology in a Nutshell. What Now?

April 6: COVID-19 Epidemiology in a Nutshell. What Now?

Dr. Stacen Keating was a former guest from Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse. She is a Nursing Professor at NYU. She contacted me with stories & messages from healthcare workers, mostly nurses, who desperately want to get their message out to the world. She and her colleague, Dr. Gary, Yu, Epidemiologist of NYU joined me on this episode to, FIRST and FOREMOST talk about the need to save lives, including frontline workers and SECONDLY why we should work collaboratively with China and the East to help do this. It is truly how the world has survived/recovered from War, Starvation and Pestilence since the beginning of time—Collaboration, WIN-WIN. Let’s bring it back out of mothballs and use it again. We need to be scientific, which means open to ALL solutions in order to end the pandemic in a way that takes in all available evidence and previous learning. Dr. Yu shared some of the work that colleagues in Wuhan, China learned about the virus that could greatly benefit the US, including the fact that ancient herbal and acupuncture medicine was used right along side medicinals. We also discussed the importance of getting away from the "shaming and blaming" game to save frontline workers and patients from the worst outcomes. Listen Now:

April 13: COVID-19: Insights from Healthcare Workers: In the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA there are two fights going on. One against a virulent and dangerous new coronavirus and the other on behalf of the safety and protection of “essential” workers across the country. The disease is doing an exceptional job at its mission: to infect and kill as many hosts as possible. The people, hospital administrations and political leaders are, to a large extent, failing miserably at their mission: To protect each and every doctor, nurse, hospital employee, pharmacist & tech, military, emergency workers of all kinds, public employees, grocery and other clerks, gas station attendants and bus & truck drivers with the proper protective equipment to allow them to do their jobs in relative safety. My guests, Darlene Nelson RN is fighting for the nation’s nurses to achieve federal law mandating protection for HCW working with Covid-19 patients. She is writing a law similar to existing law mandating Universal Precautions for blood-born pathogens and Dr. Juan Nieto of Austin, Texas, is a Board Certified, clinically active, emergency physician. Please listen to this program:

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