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There are SO many issues in healthcare today that impact medical/nursing providers and patients alike that it is difficult to see the relationships they have to each other and the effect on all our lives personally and professionally.

Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse is a Non-Profit Organization that provides a forum for nurses to share stories about their own experiences, professional or family focused.  Our expert guests inspire conversations on health and nursing - related topics.


The ONLY INTERNATIONAL TALK SHOW for Nurses (70+ Countries)

No matter what the topic, ONCE A NURSE, ALWAYS A NURSE believes that we, as nurses, will be creating the future healthcare paradigm, becoming a crucial part of the solutions today and into the future. 


Weekly topics vary from communication in healthcare to current issues, such as nurse/patient ratios, dealing with conflict, how to create cooperative workplaces, speed-reading people, preventing burnout, nursing strikes and much more. The program also explores important government policies that are creating a major shift for all healthcare providers as well as their patients. 


Feel free to message us if you have a topic you would like us to explore or any suggestions for the show!



Case Managers: Guides through the Healthcare Maze

Human Trafficking: Intersection with Healthcare

Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Patients & Professionals

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Case Management is a Nursing field, which will ONLY become MORE needed as healthcare becomes less centralized in the hospitals and clinics, and more complicated.

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How much do we as nurses & other healthcare providers personally know about human trafficking. Even the most basic statistics are devastating: 600,000 to 800,000 women, children & men bought & sold across international borders every year & exploited for forced labor or commercial sex. 

The disparities in healthcare & related topic of nursing workforce representation of African Americans (AA) and other minority groups is a needed dialogue. If you are not involved, you may be unaware of the problem or how important it is we rectify it. 

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"Leanne was so kind to have interviewed me on her internet-based radio show for Ark of Hope for Children in 2019. The goal of her show “ is to be a hub of information and education for nurses today and in the future. Her weekly radio show Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse has a dedicated audience of nearly 80,000. She is an engaging and sought-after public speaker dedicated to the advancement and well-being of Nursing!” Her audience is almost exclusively nurses and the medical community."  Blair & Verna

Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse is proud to showcase some of the organizations we have interviewed and worked with on our podcast.