Nurses Are the Answer to What Happens to Healthcare After COVID-19


April 29th, 2020

Program Description:

Healthcare will NEVER be the same following COVID-19. Nor should it be! Nurses are ready to step up to the decision-making tables as Transformational Leaders post crisis.To a lay person, this may not sound different, but in healthcare it is NIGHT and DAY different. With the Medical model (while doctors want to help their patients to be healthy), their focus is on diagnosis & treatment, once someone IS ill. Nurses are no longer handmaidens to doctors. If you have not been treated by a nurse lately, they are professionals (often with doctorates), who work WITH doctors as equals to find the best path forward to support the patient's health until disease presents, then return the patient to health.


Insights Learned by Healthcare Providers at the Bedsides of COVID-19 Patients


April 9th, 2020

Program Description:

In the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA there are two fights going on. One against a virulent and dangerous new coronavirus and the other on behalf of the safety and protection of "essential" workers across the country. The disease is doing an exceptional job at its mission: to infect and kill as many hosts as possible.

 Kids with  Masks

What Have We Learned About COVID-19 Virus from Other Countries?


April 2nd, 2020

Program Description:

Dr. Stacen Keating, Nursing Professor at NYU, and her colleague, Dr. Gary Yu, Epidemiologist at NYU, join Leanne Meier, Host of Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse: Exploring the World of Nursing, to discuss the science of what we know about COVID-19. Dr. Keating and Dr. Yu, will FIRST and FOREMOST talk about the need to save lives, including frontline workers and SECONDLY why we should work collaboratively with China and the east to help do this.


Dr. Robins & Dr. Rowen Say Ozone Therapy Ready to Treat: Simple, Inexpensive and Available


March 19th, 2020

Program Description:

Today, direct intravenous (DIV) ozone therapy is the most common method used worldwide. Dr. Robins has pioneered modification of this into the Robins Method of Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (RMDIV). This is now considered to be not only the safest, but most effective way of using DIV ozone therapy. With this method, Dr. Robins safely injects oxygen and ozone gas into your vein to help fight toxins and infections, and to treat numerous chronic health conditions.

Veteran Memorial Service

​Increasing Suicide Rates for Returning Vets AFTER Treatment

March 11th, 2020

Program Description:

Angela Peacock is one of the returning veterans, whose story of a hopeless trajectory of mental health hospitals and constant and increasing levels of polypharmacy is told in the video, Medicating Normal." This story is not ONLY important, but STUNNING! It speaks to us on many levels, but most immediately because of the growing discomfort with how we treat mental health patients in America.


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