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Women Need a Helping Hand

January 6: Human Trafficking: Intersection c Healthcare #2. While Human trafficking is not JUST women, but it is primarily women and girls. My conversation with Tammy Toney-Butler, who holds an incredible wealth of information in her head regarding this subject was detailed and direct. Consequently, I learned things I had not realized before and, I have to admit at one point, I got a bit overwhelmed. I begged for some good news and Tammy was happy to comply. Tammy is an incredible speaker on this topic, because she has her own personal experience and knows that their can be hope for those who have been victimized. It takes phenomenal courage on their part and tremendous support of family, friends, therapists, spiritual, emotional, and often physical help. BUT they can claim there lives back as Tammy, herself has—partly by reaching out to others. PLEASE listen to this episode:

January 13: Building the Future of Women’s Health. This show was done live during the conference of the same name held at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, Minneapolis, on January 9th & 10th. My Guests were primarily Tanya Abreu, Conference Curator from Florida & Andrea Winter, Sr. Director, Women's & Children's Strategy at Park Nicollet. Due to this episode being pre-recorded on site at the time of the conference, we had a few other people join us, including Gwinn Gillette with Lori’s Gifts and Dr. Brenda Jones, a Senior Consultant from TiER1, filled in and did a great job! If you are in an organization, looking at the future lucrative and needed market geared to the needs of women, you may want to listen to this podcast to get a sense of what actual building and services will need to be in place soon for women, who are actively seeking care set up FOR them and RUN by caregivers trained in their particular needs. Please listen to the Podcast:

January 20: The Future of Global Health. Just moments ago, I finished a live episode with 2 guests who have each put significant amounts of their career into this topic. Billy Rosa, (soon to be Dr. Rosa upon completion of his oral dissertation on March 3, 2020) and Dr. Sheila Davis, CEO of Partners in Health joined me to talk about many aspects of global health including the political as well as medical negotiation needed to provide care for especially low resource or high crisis areas of the world. Billy worked in Rwanda as they were evolving from the desperate days of 1994. He brought the good news that they are rapidly becoming a country that is safe and growing in all ways, including healthcare. Dr. Davis’s NGO organization has fingers in the work of at least 11 nations (including one in the USA involving and Indian Reservation). I could not believe how fast this hour went. I’m sure you will find interest and hope in the work that is being done around the world! Podcase:

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