What Nurses WISH the Public Knew!

December 7, 2020

What has become abundantly apparent in 2020 is just how little the lay public know about hospitals & how they function, nurses & what they do and why there are no hospital beds anywhere in the country right now. What is amazing also is hearing healthcare professionals making comments not supported by science at all, like COVID 19 cannot be spread by people without symptoms. My guest Mary Turner, RN, President of the MN Nurses Association, was asked to speak to President Biden-elect with 3 other healthcare workers about COVID and what it has done to them and their peers. She has been on several news stations and now will talk with me about what the public does NOT understand about healthcare and what nurses do exactly.

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Nurses: Show Us Your Hope!

November 30, 2020

2020 International Year of the Nurse & Midwife was proposed to showcase the work that nurses do every day. It has proven to be a year of showing not only nurses’ knowledge, compassion and determination, but quite unexpectedly, has displayed ALL around the world the courage, depth of mission and passion for patients that nurses hold. This show is one of celebration with nurse leaders Janie Garner, Executive Director of the Show me Your Stethoscope organization and Cara Lunsford, CEO of community nurses’ app. We want to talk “nursing” in a future sense. How do we reset the Year of the Nurse in 2021 to create a new level of empowerment and transformation. Nurses are emerging from the Shadows and into the Light of collaboration toward Healthcare Reform, Health Equity, & Health Care (NOT our current Disease-Care). It is time that nurses are not only AT the decision-making table but LEADING the discussion.

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