Transforming Healthcare: Nurses Required

November 23, 2020

Our Healthcare system is broken. In fact, we do not have healthcare in this country—we have disease care. We wait until you get sick and then try to fix you, easily the most inefficient and expensive form of “healthcare” in the world. Yet, we CAN truly transform healthcare. Each of us will interact with our healthcare system, whether for our families or ourselves. Let’s conscientiously create a system, based on science, research, and experience, that we can each be proud of and that we would feel confident and comforted to take our loved ones to. Let’s transform our broken disease-care system into a model of true caring and compassion focused on health, wellness, and disease prevention. The people who truly understand and practice this kind of care consistently, are trained and educated nurses. We come TO nursing with the desire and often mission to deliver this type of care. (Adapted from Transforming Healthcare: Healing You, Me and Our Broken Disease-care System, by Kim Evans)

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CNO’s of New York: COVID Debrief!!!

November 16, 2020

My guests for this Episode, Rosanne Raso & Linda Valentino, two of many CNO’s of NYC’s Hospitals, who met the first major onslaught of COVID-19 on the East Coast. We’ve heard a LOT about the incredible efforts of frontline nurses, doctors & essential personnel, but VERY little about the HEROS behind the scenes. On March 29, 2020, Linda received a call from the President & COO of Mount Sinai Hospital telling her to report to Mount Sinai Brooklyn to serve as the hospital’s Incident Commander. Having previously served as the CNO of that site, she knew the hospital and its staff. At that time, 25% of the staff, including the hospital’s President & CNO were out sick with COVID illness. The hospital was the first Ground ZERO in NYC, and she was to lead the hospital out of near collapse, due to the high volume of patients and sick staff. Rosanne Raso tells another gripping story of her role as VP & CNO of New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center during this time.

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