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Telephone Triage & Nurse Resilience

February 10: Telephone Triage Nursing: The Role, The Benefits and The Future. Since it was first aired on October 22, 2018, this has been one of the MOST listened to episode of all the ones I have done. My guests were all from HealthPartners in Minneapolis, MN: Celeste Knoff, Nursing Administrator, Education and Operations; Margaree (Gree) Jordan-Amberg and Renee Walsh. Triage has been around in some simplistic form since the cavemen and women. Any natural disaster, mass illness, war, attack by animals, etc that created large amounts of people in need and many fewer people available to offer aide, there would have to be a way to determine who would have priority. Obviously, since that time the practice has grown from Art to Art & Science and continues to improve all over the world. Fast Forward to the advent of telephones and computers and it would seem a natural extension to triage by phone. It seems apparent that as more and more medicine is practiced in a virtual model that the practice of triage is not going anywhere. Please enjoy this program at:

February 17: Nurse Resilience: Needed Now More Than Ever. Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding have appeared on the show previously on November 18, 2019 in regard to their business and school, Advancing Nurse Coaching. They asked to return to talk about Resilience. Little did they know this is one of my personal favorite topics. Though I come from tough German/Irish Stock, I faced many challenges including panick and anxiety attacks at a young age, as well as clinical depression in my mid-30’s, along with a long history of chronic pain. Learning about the foundations of Resilience helped me tremendously in finding my own normal and helping others do the same. I learned that resilient people are able to self-nurture, have personal boundaries and surround themselves with healthy people and/or seek assistance when “stuck!” All things that can be learned. My two healthy guests came to chat with me about resilience: Lyn McCright, who founded Advancing Nurse Coaching and one of her instructors and a board member, Teresa Walding. I loved the conversation!

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