Racism: Health Impacts on People of Color

September 7, 2020

This show is being repeated due to the huge number of people who have listened to it. It was originally aired on June 1, 2020, just 7 days following the murder of George Floyd by police, It followed a week of explosions, grief, and mourning in my State, Minnesota, the country, and the world on top of a pressure cooker of 3 months under the threat of COVID-19 changing every aspect of our lives. I simply could not move on without addressing it. I invited my friend Dr. Daihnia Dunkley, who was on the show in September to discuss Race Disparity in Healthcare. She joined me to attempt to put some perspective on how we are in this place in time and space that the world is in today. Dr. Dunkley passionately advocates for systematic improvement in diversity & inclusion within nursing and for the eradication of racial health disparities related to Black maternal health outcomes. We discussed the reality of applying unremitting pressure to people unable to control major portions of their life and how that erupts at a crucial time. This story was even MORE impactful to me as I have lived in both the Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods where the looting and destruction took place.

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Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times

September 14, 2020

Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision. These 8 powerful words are from my Guest, Joe Tye’s, new class, “Everyday Courage for Extraordinary times.” Let those words sink in! Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision. I believe everything in our life—our successes, joys, mediocrity, losses, and failures can be traced back to decisions we have made along the way at critical moments. We are currently in a time of GREAT historic significance. The decisions EACH of us make whether we SEE ourselves as people of power, hard workers, cogs in some wheel, or not important at all, WILL impact not only OUR future but that of our country and our world for perhaps centuries to come. It all comes down to COURAGE. I personally believe that we each have the possibility to LEARN Courage if we do not feel particularly courageous as we are. My guest has developed a class, for just those people—you and me! Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times.

Please listen to this impromptu Episode with Joe Tye, Founder and Head Coach of Values Coach, a firm that is obsessively focused on helping hospitals build a positive culture of ownership with courses on values-based life and leadership skills. extraordinary-times

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