Racism: Health Impacts on People of Color

June 1st, 2020

After a week of explosions, grief and mourning in my State (MN), the country and the world on top of a pressure cooker of 3 months under the threat of COVID-19 changing every aspect of our lives. I could not move on without addressing it. On a dime, I changed the scheduled program and invited my friend, Dr. Daihnia Dunkley, who was on the show in September to discuss Race Disparity in Healthcare. She joined me to attempt to put some perspective on how the world today is in this place in time and space. Dr. Dunkley passionately advocates for systematic improvement in diversity & inclusion within nursing and for the eradication racial health disparities related to Black maternal health outcomes. She is a voice of reason on the speaking circuit for the voice of Black and Brown people everywhere.

If you missed this discussion of the reality of applying unremitting pressure to people unable to control major portions of their life and how that erupts at a crucial time, please click here to listen.

Keeping it ‘Safe’ in Healthcare Team Conversations

June 8th, 2020

It is frequently during times of emergency and crisis when our best communication efforts fall apart. My Guest on June 8th was Roz Lindsay, an Australian veterinarian who found her way into the corporate world and from there launched 2 successful learning and development businesses! Her passion is helping teams be able to communicate effectively, efficiently and in a humane way. Our conversation ranged widely since this is also a passion of mine. Certainly, the times we live in: fast paced, bottom lines, communication, cultural and language confusion sets us up for ALL kinds of missed communications. We discussed manager and leadership styles and how to respond in a peaceful way. We discussed how managers influence, create culture and inspire there employees or create dysfunctional and highly stressful environments.

This session and its Part II on June 22, 2020 will hopefully answer many questions in dealing with conflict communications. Roz also addressed neuroscience and its role in communication. Join us!

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