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People Who Help People, are the Luckiest People

November 4, 2019: I had SO much fun talking with Shannon Whittington, RN MSN PCC C-LGBT She took a certification course in Servant Leadership and that has become a new passion for her. I was in management about the time that the fad and tons of books on Servant Leadership started in the 90’s. I had a vague idea of what that would mean in a management role, but I had the fortune of having a plethora of manager mentors all practicing Servant Leadership! I was in love with it. Still am. Shannon and I discussed how many of the reported malaise in nursing, nurses and nursing departments, could definitely be given a shot in the arm by managers thinking of themselves as the bulldozer to move problems OUT of the way of staff. What it comes down to is to always be thinking, “What do my Staff need and how can I provide it?” Isn’t this what we ask nurses to say in regard to their patients? If the staff can FEEL supported and trust that their leader has their back, it is more likely that problems, conflicts or disasters on the unit will be quickly reported, allowing the group, as a whole, or you, as the leader, to just as quickly deal with them. Check out the show if you missed it!

November 11, 2019: The name of this show was Specialized Mental Health Services for Children, Youth, and Families and proved to be another joy-filled show for me. Since leaving teaching a year ago, I have been working at a disability law office taking Intake assessments of potential clients to determine. The stories I hear about children and families and the on-going struggles they endure would melt a mountain! I am constantly wondering what and where are the services for these people to help them surmount mental illness, drug addiction, abuse and even physical health wound around these other challenges. Talking with Dr. Michelle Murray, CEO and Linda Barnhart, RN. BAN, MAL, board member, of Nexus Mental Health Services for Children, Youth, & Family services, put me MUCH more at ease that there are people not only trying to help these complicated and convoluted family problems, but that they GET the fact that one hurt member of a family impacts all of the rest. This was another really good show, which you can reach at:

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