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August 24, 2020

I am becoming more connected to some of the other Nurse Talk Show Hosts. I discovered Keith Carlson, The Nurse Keith Show, from some of my Guests and discovered he is a wonderful—great voice for Radio! Joyce Batcheller and I were also introduced by a mutual Guest, Lyn McCright. Joyce invited me to her show, All About Nursing, which was great fun and we realized that we had a LOT in common. I got the brainy idea of having the 3 of us on my show to JAM about Nursing. This is a GREAT show with knowledgeable people and a common purpose to promote nurses and give them a large voice. We talk about Racism in Healthcare, COVID-19, Chief Nursing Officers and their roles (also a CNO Academy that Joyce created), and much more.

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What we DON’T know about disinfectants, can KILL us!

August 31, 2020

This week I had the opportunity to observe an EMT deliver a patient to the hospital room next to my mother’s room. When they brought the stretcher out they cleaned it right in front of me. Using a spray bottle and paper towels, they rapidly wiped over surfaces, missing large areas of the cart and equipment attached to the cart. It occurred to me that this act of “disinfecting” for COVID-19 is happening ALL over the Country and the world. Why is that a problem? My guest is Scott Smith, CEO of AquaFlex, inventor of BioFoam and expert on cleaning and disinfection following all the major water contamination events since 2010 (more than 60 in the US and abroad). He will tell us the dangers of not understanding how disinfection works and what causes it NOT to work. This is a subject that should be shouted from every rooftop in the world at this time of COVID-19. Join us as we enter a dangerous world of contamination and learn what WILL help!

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