NURSES: Could You Use Some Love and Light?

March 15, 2021

I hear from nurses/HC workers daily. I hear the incredible things you do to help patients & families under your care in COVID & Non-COVID units; there are stories of love for co-workers, exhaustion, rage; efforts to lighten the load of each other & mind-numbing, heart-aching memories. I hear your doubts about yourself & your abilities under these unrelenting experiences. Who wouldn’t? Do you just want to rest your mind & hearts—to feel LOVE and see LIGHT ahead of you? It has been my dream for the past 9 months to bring that to you in some concrete way. In January I discovered my Guests Melissa Cortez & Dr. Natalee Trevino of and realized their dream, is my dream, is your dream. My Once a Nurse Marketing Director, Tanya Abreu & I joined with these women to create the Love and Light for Nurses Website. Join us to hear how we can help YOU reach the support & empowerment that will re-energize you to stay in the game.

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Nurses Everywhere: Dr. Ernest Grant + Tim Raderstorf

March 8, 2021

We have the honor of welcoming Dr. Ernest Grant, President of ANA, and Dr. Tim Raderstorf, the Chief Innovation Officer at The Ohio State University College of Nursing to Once a Nurse. The two collaborated on the Nurses Everywhere Website, which is exactly what it says: a thank you and dedication to the work, love, commitment, knowledge, and experience of the Nurses of America. We have a LOT to talk about: COVID, Vaccines, Needs of Nurses, and commitment of nursing organizations to put nurses FRONT and CENTER! Nurses have spent enough time quietly at the bedside doing work the public cannot even imagine! Nurses are also researchers, epidemiology, integrative medicine, education, AND innovation specialists. It is time for nurses to be recognized for the unique role we bring to the practice of Health Care of our citizens. Please join us for an exhilarating Episode of Once A Nurse!

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