Nurse-Led Integrative Medicine

March 1, 2021

There is a new wave of healthcare coming to the forefront of medicine and my 3 guests are among the first to ride that wave. It is called Integrative Medicine and is being practiced by Advanced Practice nurses across the country. Kim Evans, APRN, RN is the founder of The Institute for Integrative Medicine in Louisville, KY, Pam McDonald, FNP, is founder of Penscott Medical Corporation, and Mary Ann Osborne, DNP, FNP is the Owner of the Institute for Integral Health. These three dynamic women are here to discuss what happens to the health of a community when nurses are integrating the healthcare. We will also talk about the revolution in nutrition care through the use of the APO E Gene to determine an individual's correct diet. The combination of education, teaching, integrative practice, international speaking years of these women is astounding! Join us!

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Revisioning The Image of Nursing

February 22, 2021

Post-COVID, Nurses have the opportunity to recreate ourselves! We have more, or less, accepted the image others and the Media have portrayed us. We are FAR more than that! My guest, Ann Scanlon McGinity is a decades-long model of Nursing Leadership, who continues to vibrantly move the role of nurses forward. In this episode, we will share a DYNAMIC conversation on necessary changes nurses must make for our future reinvention. Let us look at Nurses’ current image. What image would TRULY do justice to who and what nurses are? How will we craft a new, more robust, and comprehensive professional identity image? How will we, as Nurses, brand that NEW image, which will require the work of leadership in establishing a culture that supports this image, faculty, and clinicians who can live this new image and who will communicate this to the public? DO NOT MISS this Episode if YOU are determined to help transform Nursing and Healthcare!

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