Nurse Leadership: Back to the Future!

May 04, 2020 Leadership

This show was a fun romp With Margaret Erickson through options and opportunity for Nursing Leaders to take the reigns of Healthcare from the jaws of COVID-19 and create a whole new world of nursing based on the basics that Florence Nightingale laid out for us nearly 200 years ago. As with MOST negative things that happen in our lives, there is often a HUGE opportunity, if we are simply open and curious to see what is needed and who can provide that. That is how Nursing Leadership is looking at the COVID-19 crisis. We have been working to have nurses with broad and deep education on not just healthcare, but also business, administration, and current successes in healthcare that can include all citizens and provide excellent health providers for everyone. The paradigm that has been our understanding of healthcare has been forever changed in the entire world. It is time to present the NEW a paradigm shift from illness and disease to health, wellness, and well being/well becoming. My guest, Margaret Erickson, has been the CEO of the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation since May 2000, and is uniquely able to see and deeply understands the need to change in order for nurses and (nursing education) to truly become leaders at the national (and international) table.

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Somatic Functional Therapy (SFT): The Best Stress and Pain Treatment, You’ve Never Heard of!

May 11, 2020 COVID-19

This show was a fast-paced look at pain and stress relief program of Somatic Functional Therapy (SFT), created by Pain and stress relief programs have probably been around since nearly the beginning of time. However, the problems still plague most people around the world. The COVID-19 Crisis has only added to the stress and then pain that people are experiencing. I am one of those individuals, dealing with pain almost as long as I can remember. So, while attending a health conference in January, where my guests, today, were demonstrating the effects of Somatic Functional Therapy (SFT), I was the first to raise my hand to be a recipient. My pain is chronic, deep interacting within several body areas. At best, I have been able to diminish the pain enough to tolerate it. So, I was SHOCKED at the level of relief I received from about 5-10 minutes of seemingly minor treatment. Join me with Ramon Nunez, PhD, Alba Rodriguez, PhD and Joseph Sliwkoski, MD to discuss this phenomenal therapy.

Enjoy the podcast:

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