Let It Flow: How Fundamental Courage and Character Prevails

January 18, 2021

This is Brian Mohika’s 2nd episode on Once a Nurse. He first appeared on December 30, 2019, to talk about his persistent and committed work as an entrepreneur to invent, sew, market and gain a small foothold in medical equipment with his Cathwear underwear for men and women who wear Foleys, Suprapubic, Biliary, and Nephrostomy catheters. As he watched the stress, embarrassment & frustration of individuals, who must wear leg catheters continuously, he designed CathWear to allow safe, clean, supportive, and fashionable looking underwear. It was the DAY of that Episode that he was able to sign a manufacturing company to produce Cathwear in the USA. From there he has been catapulting to the stars, winning award after award and having his product accepted for Medicare payments. To capture the ascendence of his product and the foundation of his life as a compassionate, caring human being, Brian wrote a biography, called “Let It Flow”, soon to be released. We will talk about him and more!

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Nurses Have Earned Self-Empowerment

January 11, 2021: 2021

Glennae is the CEO of Rx for Life, LLC, a health equity consultancy & education agency. She identifies the tools needed to successfully cope with bias on-the-job and creates a culture to prevent burnout. Her BSN is from the University of Texas, Arlington. Her 16 yrs of RN experience includes the pain clinic at Cedar-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles; critical care and lung transplant coordination at Ronald Reagan UCLA Health; and the Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Glennae is a poet and the author of Yet Here I Stand: My Journey from Bondage to Liberty, in which she reveals what it took to overcome social determinates of health from gangbanging to horrid systemic employment discrimination. Most recently, Bias and Burnout:10 Power Moves for Healthcare Workplace Equity takes her readers on a sweeping, dark, and liberating journey for equity. Glennae, writes to share her personal and professional journey towards empowerment.

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