"I Can Never Unsee What I Have Seen"

December 21, 2020

My guest, Darlene Nelson, RN, founder of Expert Nurse Consultants, joined me on this show on April 13th along with Dr. Juan Nieto, an ED physician. The description I gave then, STILL fits. “In the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA, there are two fights going on. One against a virulent & dangerous new coronavirus & the other on behalf of the safety & protection of ‘essential’ workers across the country. ”The disease is doing an exceptional job at its mission: to infect & kill as many hosts as possible. The people, hospital administrations, and political leaders are, to a large extent, failing miserably at their mission: To protect each & every healthcare worker and all essential employees.” We currently have passed 300,000 deaths (as of 12/15/20) and 17 million with the illness. We are nearing 3000 deaths of nurses (which is certainly an undercount.) Today huge numbers of Americans continue to ignore the admonitions to “Wear a Mask, Distance from Others, and Wash your Hands.” How will this end?

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Women and COVID: What You NEED to Know!!

December 14, 2020

My guests collaborated on studying the impact of COVID-19 on Women. Beth Battaglino, RN, CEO of is well known for her work for 25+ years in clinical nursing & with Alejandra Y. Castillo is the CEO of YWCA USA, which serves 2.3 million women & girls in the USA with a network of 200+ associations. The history of our country & our world has been permanently changed. The COVID-19 pandemic is upending every corner of American society--causing hundreds of thousands of deaths & lingering illnesses, throwing millions out of work & interrupting education for an entire generation of children. It has demonstrated, in a way no studies ever have, the shortcomings in the US health care system, while also highlighting areas of promising resilience. HealthyWomen sought to understand just how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the physical & emotional health of adult women in the United States, particularly socioeconomic, geographic & racial/ethnic demographics.

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