HOLLIBLU: A Community Where Nurses Thrive

September 28, 2020

Never underestimate what a nurse can do when they see that the sustainability of their profession is at risk and their nurse community is suffering. In this episode we will explore how the power of community and peer support can be a solution to the fast-growing nurse burnout that is plaguing our industry. Cara Lunsford, a Registered Nurse of 14 years and Healthcare Technology Innovator, is the CEO & Founder of HOLLIBLU, a nurse app dedicated to connecting nurses, organizing their professional lives, restoring their love for nursing and empowering them to THRIVE. At HOLLIBLU, we have created a new paradigm in social media. Our HOLLIBLU 2.0 is laser focused on what nurses need in order to THRIVE. Nurses can now create a nurse profile that truly speaks to who they are as a nurse and, because we are multifaceted people, share their personal and professional interests and goals. Our nurse community can post blogs, join groups, chat in forums, create events and find nearby nurse to nurse connections. Our C.O.R.E values: Connecting you with your nurse community; Organizing your professional life in one place; Restoring your passion for nursing; Empowering you to THRIVE! Nurses can find us on iTunes AppStore and GooglePlay. Healthcare Companies can visit us at under employers.

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TOXIC Leadership: Hospital Change is Needed NOW!

September 21, 2020

One of the outcomes of the World Pandemic of COVID-19 is uncovering of all the cracks and deficits in our Public Health and Healthcare Systems in the USA that have been happening over many years. It is open to all eyes at this point that there is NO equity in our healthcare. The poor, black, brown, indigenous and immigrants receive the worst or NO care in our system. The wealthy receive much better care, but still when we look at the statistics of care in the United States compared to other FIRST World countries, we are not only NOT at the top, in some cases we are not even NEAR the top. My Guests today discuss where we are and how Toxic Leadership has gotten us here. Dr. Dan Weberg, an expert in nursing, healthcare innovation & human-centered patient design, is the Head of Clinical Innovation for Trusted Health and is located in San Francisco. Michelle Lemmons, is a BSN and OR Educator at Key Surgical in Eden Prairie, MN.

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