Fill Up Your Cup, Nurses!

October 12, 2020

There just CANNOT be too many ways to describe self-care for nurses, since we tend to be so bad at doing self-care. I have had Education and Coaching experts, gurus of meditation, breathwork, nurses of all types, ages, and backgrounds on the show to discuss this. What I have been WANTING to do is talk to relatively new nurses and dig into what works to welcome them into the career/profession of nursing; what helps when they recognize burnout brewing in their souls; and what makes them want to stay? Emily Mazurak came to my attention as exactly the right person with whom to talk about these subjects. Not only has she experienced all that I mentioned, but she came up with her own prescription to alleviate the problem as well as a willingness to share her learnings with other nurses through her “Fill Up Your Cup Project.” We had a delightful conversation on this topic and opened hope in me that we CAN retain our new nurses in the future.

If you missed it check out the fascinating and REAL look at a burning issue in nursing, by listening to the Podcast:

Nursing MUST Advocate for Itself

October 5, 2020

This episode hits a LOT of the notes I have been trying to promote through this show. I found myself VERY engaged and excited about changing the future of healthcare through the insights and efforts of relatively young nurses. The value of Nurses, the work that we do, and our unique contributions to the health of our citizens have been almost completely left to the people who often know the least about us. James Kerridge, DNP, DON of AMITA St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago joined me on October 5 to delve into Nursing engagement, burnout, moral distress, nurse wellness, defining our own roles and value rather than allowing others to do that for us. How are Nurses NOT the quintessential group of people to take healthcare forward for the benefit of patients’ positive outcomes over the money-driven healthcare that has lowered USA standards and effectiveness?

Check out the Podcast:

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