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COVID-19: HC Crisis Management Done Right!!

April 20, 2020 COVID-19: HC Crisis Management Done Right!!

My guest, Joe Tye, was an incredibly interesting guest to talk with. He says, “Leaders must put as much thought and design into their Invisible Architecture™ of core values, corporate culture, & workplace attitude as they do the physical design of bricks & mortar.” I could NOT agree more! This is what I have been calling Relational Leadership. He has lived and written a book on how to do this: The Florence Principle, based on a what Florence Nightingale might say if she returned to a Medical Center today as a Leadership Consultant. The book is a novel and reads like one. I ate it up and highly recommend it for the history, wisdom, sarcasm and humor. What especially appealed to me was the realization that things are not that different in our current crisis than she faced as a young women coming into the Crimean Peninsula as war was being waged with little wisdom and NO respect for the soldiers wasted on the field. We’ve seen some excruciatingly disastrous displays of criminal mismanagement of a healthcare crisis this year with COVID-19. However, there are just as many examples of how to do an exemplar job of just such crisis management. We simply have not SEEN it displayed in the media. GOOD leadership does NOT start when the crises becomes visible. It starts years ahead by building a 2-way culture of good relationships, honesty & trust between admin. & staff. Because culture is shaped by the collective attitudes & behaviors of the people who work there, it does NOT change unless & until people change. A leadership challenge is helping people make positive changes based on their OWN personal values.

April 27, 2020 COVID-19: The Time for Resilience is Now!

Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding (both with Advancing Nurse Coaching) have both been on this show previously and are leaders I trust and appreciate. Their last discussion with me was on February 17, 2020 regarding Resilience Paradigms. At that time COVID-19 was barely on the radar and now we are all overwhelmed with the issue. It has taken an especially large toll on nurses and other healthcare workers on the front lines of the Pandemic in the hospitals and clinics in "Hot Zone" areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Florida, Chicago, Arizona, Texas and more adding all the time. Lyn and Teresa talked about the innate resilience we each have and can tap into at any time of our choosing. We went deep into some of the fears, anger and previous unresolved crises that keep us from remembering the safe place we each have developed within us as we have matured. We each need to tap this resource NOW and help those around us to do the same.

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