Cortex Method Stress Management: Helping Nurses Stay in the Fight

February 1, 2021

What is the cost to Healthcare for not listening to nurses in 2020-21? If Healthcare organizations in the World think they have had problems with turnover in the past, they have not seen ANYTHING yet. My Guest, Melissa Cortez, BSN is a very experienced nurse in high-risk areas. After traveling in the USA as a COVID ICU nurse and seeing the trauma, exhaustion, and demoralization of nurses, she decided to share her practice of evidence-based Mindfulness to stimulate personal energy in the middle of even the toughest shifts. If you think that sounds boring, THINK again! Melissa launched her Cortex Energy System and Network in January 2021. Join us for a high energy discussion on COVID Nurse Energy Boost! We will also be talking about Transforming Healthcare! Are you IN?

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Encore Transforming Healthcare: Nurses Required

January 25, 2021:

Our Healthcare system is broken. In fact, we do not have healthcare in this country—we have disease care. We wait until you get sick and then try to fix you, easily the most inefficient and expensive form of “healthcare” in the world. Yet, we CAN truly transform healthcare. Each of us will interact with our healthcare system, whether for our families or ourselves. Let’s conscientiously create a system, based on science, research, and experience, that we can each be proud of and that we would feel confident and comforted to take our loved ones to. Let’s transform our broken disease-care system into a model of true caring and compassion focused on health, wellness, and disease prevention. The people who truly understand and practice this kind of care consistently, are trained and educated nurses. We come TO nursing with the desire and often mission to deliver this type of care. (Adapted from Transforming Healthcare: Healing You, Me and Our Broken Disease-care System, by Kim Evans)

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