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Caring for Self and Others

December 23: Selfcare: The Gift You Give Yourself. Tina Marrelli, BSN, RN ( ) joined me to talk about the unspoken need of EVERY caregiver: Creating time, space and ME-time. Check out her Website: She is a Best Selling Author of an interesting set of easy-to-use handbooks to help caregivers in the home deal with issues as they arise: Body systems understanding, what to do if something goes wrong, who to call, resources in general, tips and much more. She is a delightful advocate for Caregiving. We had fun focusing on selfcare and why it is SO critical before, during and after the Holidays! How to bring relatives who rarely visit (and may be frightened of personal care of a loved one) into the assistance of their loved one, in a positive and even fun way. We agreed the hardest thing to do is arranging for time off for the usual caregiver. Recognizing the dangers of overwhelming the loved one with “surprises” and unusual commotion/parties. If you missed it, it is still worth a listen any time of year!

December 30: CathWear: Wearable Solution for Catheter Wearers!Brian Mohika ( ) came on the program to talk about his new invention—underwear for people who have catheters attached to bags of various sorts (Foley, Suprapubic, Biliary, and Nephrostomy). NOT an exciting topic, you say? THINK again! This young man is spectacular! He is highly educated in many various industries, which makes him a perfect entrepreneur. As a Nurse, he continues to practice as a compassionate, caring practitioner. He brings those same qualities with him into his designs. He got me SO excited about his work and how he represents a new generation of nurses, who love the work and want to improve life for patients AND providers. Almost immediately after the broadcast, Brian announced on LI:  We just landed a major partnership with a prestigious

leg bag manufacturer/ distribution company, Uresil! They clearly see the benefits CathWear will bring to their patients struggling with the use of wearing leg bags and it's going to be awesome! Please listen to the Podcast:

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