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2020 CNO’s With a Heart!

June 15 2020

COVID-19 has uncovered horrendous deficiencies in many healthcare organizations in the USA. Among the MOST concerning for me, has been the blatant disrespect for nurses and other HC workers as they risk their lives caring for terminally ill patients, while being refused basic PPE and staffing support and then are threatened with loss of their jobs if they try to follow basic nursing policies. I knew this could NOT be the case everywhere in the country and in searching for CNO’s who put their nursing staff first I found my guests for this episode. Both are CNO’s for large healthcare organizations. Dr. Bob Dent mentored Dr. Kit Bredimus at Midland Hospital in Midland, TX until leaving for Emory Hospitals in Decatur, Georgia. Dr. Bredimus became the new CNO at Midland Memorial Hospital. Both deeply believe in the concept of Culture of Ownership, taught by Joe Tye, a previous guest on the show. Every organization has a culture, that plays out in real time through the actions of each and every employee and leader, but ALL cultures are NOT the same.

Keeping it ‘Safe’ in Healthcare Team Conversations Part 2

June 22, 2020

It is frequently during times of emergency and crisis when our best communication efforts fall apart. My Guest, Roz Lindsay, is an Australian veterinarian who found her way into the corporate world and from there launched two successful learning and development businesses! Her passion is helping teams to communicate effectively, efficiently and in a humane way. This episode is Part II of a 2-part discussion. Our conversation ranged widely since this is also a passion of mine. Certainly, in the times we live: fast-paced, bottom lines, medical jargon, cultural and language confusion, sets us up for ALL kinds of missed communications. We will discuss manager and leadership styles and how to respond in a peaceful way. This session and its Part I on June 8, 2020 will hopefully answer many questions in dealing with conflict communications and how we contribute to the problems.

Roz will address neuroscience and its role in communication. Please Listen!

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