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"Visioning Nursing and a

New Integrative Medicine!" 

March 4, 2021


Re-Visioning the Image of Nursing

The platform for innovation in healthcare and the redesign of nursing’s image has been birthed in the COVID 19 pandemic.   Though we have witnessed the horrendous morbidity, suffering, and mortality of this pandemic globally, time has also afforded us some of the greatest opportunities to quickly engage and redesign the work we are doing and has allowed us to publicly re-image the contributions of nursing in diverse areas of healthcare. This disruption has allowed us to seek novel ways of examining our nursing profession and to begin the redesign of our roles in transforming healthcare services.

     The public has long seen and acknowledged that nurses are the number one trusted profession.  That platform is the most valuable one from which we now can continue to evolve the image of nursing to that we propose for the future.  The current image was formed in the early days of our profession around the service of nurses in conflict and war.  The often-violent war metaphors by which we have built our nursing profession revolve around these images: fighting battles, fighting for patients, fighting disease, working in the trenches, following doctor’s orders...........  


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May 1st, 2020

"The Time For Resilience is Now!"

March 24th 2020

"Increasing Suicide Rates for

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February 2020

"Stress Relief: Pause and Take a

Breather for Life Change"

February 18, 2021

"Sustaining Mental Health During

Covid-19 With Clinical Simulation"



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